Frequently Asked Questions
FINANCE - Do you have finance options?

Yes, we do offer finance options. We partner with a company called iCredit who specialises in finance for horse floats and can offer a finance calculator. This is an easy way to calculate how much per week it will cost you. Click here for more info.

AVAILABILITY - Can I buy a horse float now?

This will depend on the type of float you require and alterations. We have new stock arriving regularly across our range or you can make a custom order to meet your needs. Please be advised a custom build will take longer.  Get in touch to find out more.

DELIVERY COSTS - How much will delivery cost?

We can arrange for local pickup or drop-off. We can also deliver Australia wide with the costing being approx: $1.3/ km. [*Except TAS & WA - Additional Costs will apply.] Please calculate the distance in km from our address to your place or  enquire for more details.

ALTERATIONS - What changes can I make to my horse float?

We pride ourselves on our floats providing exceptional value. Please see each individual product in  'Our Range'  for more information. Each item will give you a break down of the optional extras and modifications that can be made.  Please make contact for further information.

INSURANCE - Who would you recommend to insure my new float?

We would recommend CIL - Caravan & RV Insurance. To get a quote directly from them please click here to go to their website. They should be able to take care of the rest.

LEAD TIME - How long will it take to get the float, after my initial order?

The time between the placement of your initial order and delivery can vary, depending on the scope of work. Please  make contact  so we can give you the best information to support with your purchase.

ELECTRICAL & POWER - What's the difference between 12V & 240V Power?

The  12 Volt Power Source  is for small appliances such as lights, microwave, and water pump - for more info see this  12V Article.

The  240 Volt Power Source  on the other hand is for powering bigger appliances - for more info please see this  240V Article.

SERVICE & MAINTENANCE - How often do I need to check over the horse float?

We highly recommend regular maintenance to your float for it to be kept safe and functional and to ensure good longevity. At the end of the day they are road vehicles and therefore need to be serviced regularly just like you would a car. For more info please  click here.

TOWING A FLOAT - What type of vehicle do I need to tow the horse float?

We recommend a vehicle with a towing capacity of at least 3 Tonnes as a minimum. Some floats may require more and can go up to a 4.5 tonne towing capacity depending on the size of float. if you have any futher questions - please contact us.

*Important* By Law - Every vehicle being used to tow a float must be fitted with a break control unit in order to engage the electric breaks built into the floats.(legal requirement)

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