About Your 12 Volt Power - Lights & Water Pump

12 Volt Power System

Your 12-volt power system is what powers your lights and water pump system.
To power this system will need to connect your float via the trailer plug at the front of your float to the cable which comes from the cable at the rear of your car. It will need a trailer plug connected to it and be wired to Auxiliary Port #2 and requires a fused 12 Volt constant power feed.

It is recommended to use lights sparingly unless you have a separate battery system as they will drain the battery.

We can also install a battery pack system onto your float as an optional extra. Please get in contact for more details about this

Please note: that your internal power points and appliances such as your Fridge and Microwave are NOT powered by this 12 Volt system, they are powered by a separate 240-volt system.


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