Tips To Maintain Honeycom Or Aluminium Horse Float Flooring



    There’s a lot riding on keeping a horse float’s flooring in pristine condition—and that’s actually a pun with a lot of truth in it. If you are a proud owner of a horse float, you would know how much wear and tear you subject the float’s flooring every time you load up a horse, some equipment, and not to mention the manure and urine most likely to be disposed of during the ride. The weight combined with the chemicals can damage Aluminium or Honeycomb flooring.

    If you want safety and longevity for your horse float floors (and to keep the warranty as well), heed these useful tips to help care for your trailer:



            Think of the horse float as your horse’s vehicle—it also needs TLC since a lot of debris can accumulate during the ride, particularly horse manure and urine. Both excretory elements have harsh chemicals that may react to aluminium floors. A dirty trailer can also be breeding ground for harmful microbes. Clean the trailer before and after using, and you’ll save both the flooring and your horse’s health.


            SCRUB THE FLOORS

            It’s okay to be a little rough on the floors by using a scrub to thoroughly clean the surface. Horse urine or manure can leave behind an unpleasant smell and some tiny debris that may rot and damage the floor. Dry the floor out after and sprinkle baking soda to prevent the acid on the urine from affecting the floors.


            Horse float flooring needs constant care and attention to prevent any damage and ensure that it lasts and is safe to use. Whether aluminium or honeycomb, flooring maintenance is a must for every horse trailer owner.

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