Angle Load vs Straight Load - What you need to know

Purchasing a horse trailer is one of the toughest things to decide for any horse owner. There are various options available for you to choose that suits your need. Angle load floats and straight loads are the two types of loads that you can select from. Here are some of the basics of what you need to know about each of them.

Introduction To Angle Load Floats And Straight Load Floats

Choosing the right float depends on practicality and the reason for your purchase. You need to know what reason you are using the float and for how many horses. An angle loaded float is beneficial for those who have more than two horses. It allows economical haul while loading 3 horses due to the angled stalls. The straight load trailer allows only 2 horses as conventional loading is done from the back side facing in front.

Angle Load Horse Float

Loading method from this type of float is different from the straight one. The angle load float allows more horses to get carried without disturbing the length and the width of the float. These floats have the option of wheel placement. Due to this option, you can have a float with stalls that are left undisturbed by the wheels or from a wide trailer.

Advantages of Angle Load Horse Float

Horses, naturally favour an angled stance. During their travel that includes walking, running, or any other mobile activity. This angled stance behaviour is natural and thus it increases their balance. Hence, angled stalls are more comfortable for them. Some trailers can be angled too much to keep the horse staining for getting the right balance and posture.

Disadvantages of Angle Load Horse Float

There are not many disadvantages but a few for an angle load float. Most of the floats might have a little tack area. This means the last horse has to back out due to lack of room to turn around. There are few floats that are made where it is not possible to unload the last and the second horse without unloading the previous horse. In case of emergency, this can be a little dangerous.

Straight Load Horse Float

Straight load horse floats havn easy access out from the escape trailer once it has loaded the horses at the front. In few cases, they are big enough in case of any emergency. In straight load floats, you can only load two horses, hence there is enough space through the loading gate to the back of the trailer with wheel wells situated outside and not utilizing the ground space of the stall.

Advantages of Straight Load Horse Float

These horse floats are perfect for larger horses. It has enough space for the horses to move around as compared to the angle load horse float.

Negatives of Straight Load Horse Float

If you are hauling more than two horses, then the trailer’s size might increase in volume and size. This will result in a larger strain on your vehicle while towing.

Hence before buying a trailer, consider the horse’s size, the number of horses and their activeness when they are loading and unloading.  Servicing the trailer is essential regularly. Check the horse float spare parts frequently to keep it running.

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